Penny did a gorgeous job shearing and chatting with the visitors. Chris helping Penny, Amanda raking and visiting, and Julie running the shop; left me free to run around and visit with everyone else. It is nice to have friends willing to pitch in! Lots of lovely new fleeces to check out and one already gone; the loveliest red of them all off Creme de Menthe.

Habanera, one of the black does that had been in with No Size, had a buck and a doe this evening. The buck was first and big and up on mom in no time. The doe is slower, but should get it. I left them to work it out themselves and will go back out shortly. Habanera has had babies before, so she knows what to do. The babies don't always get it. They are both white.

I am beat, but can't go to bed yet. Have to go out and check animals one last time. Saffron's daughter, Mint, is likely to deliver tomorrow. I am definitely going to check the weather from 5 months ago. I bet births are related to cold spells. The badger doe and Jalapeno could deliver at any time also. The sheep, who knows? I will keep you posted.