You can't beat the Shetlands for having their babies and doing it all on their own. I knew this Shetland was going to deliver tonight because she was hanging in the shed. I went out and her baby was already up and drinking. I left them alone with food and water. Why mess with a good thing. It is a ewe and she looks like she is going to be black/brown with spots. I am pretty sure that it was Cumin, but will be sure in the morning with better light. I know that it is one of Spot's offspring, because she was hanging out with her.

The Jacob ewe should be next. I will get photos in the morning.

I spent the day felting two small bags and dyeing fiber. I lost 1.5 pounds in the wash with both of the Border Leicester/Shetland fleeces. The white one is really superior, but the black one has some lovely color variation. I plan to spin up some and turn some into felting batts.