Still Tired

Allergies are bad at this time of year and the wind kicking up the dust does not help.

I have been really busy, spinning to fill orders, carding so new felters have fresh choices, organizing for a Koolaid dyeing workshop that I taught today, as well as running out to check on expectant moms and bottle feed the ones' whose moms were not keeping up.

Mighty Mouse had twin bucks and Texas Doe had a doe and a buck yesterday. Texas was pushing against the fence, so it was a good thing I was out there right as she had the baby, because the baby ended up on the wrong side of the fence and I had to push it back through. The buck got chilled, but I think he might be finally on his mom. I will know for sure tomorrow morning.

Caramel, Barbara's baby from last year, seems to finally have enough milk for her buck. He is really cute and has a strong pair of lungs. He has had enough bottles from me, that he sees me and comes looking for one. After he gets half a bottle, he runs for his mother to get more. She has finally relaxed. Sure hope the other first time moms are not as difficult.

I have taken loads of pictures. I will start posting them tomorrow or the next day. I have found that my blog is really useful for remembering dates and events. The bottom line, is that I need to keep it up to date!