4th Avenue and Garnet

Garnet delivered triplets all by herself, early this morning, so I had time to check them out before I left for the street fair. Two rams and an ewe. The ewe is a lilac, the rams look more chocolate, but they were still wet when I saw them and they were under a tree, so I won't know for sure until morning. I picked all of them up tonight and they seemed to be fine. They were already bigger than when I saw them this morning.

The 4th Avenue was a lot busier today and there were a lot of buyers. Yesterday seemed to be mostly people walking without a lot of interest. I had lots of friends stop by to say hello, which was nice. Some I had not seen in a while.

You can tell those who are truly addicted to fiber - they will buy yarn in 80 degree weather. I know I am one, because I just turn the air conditioning on at home and keep playing with fiber.

I had thought about going to the Fibers Through Time Convention and checking out the vendors, but knowing that I had new babies at home, my interest in staying out after dark died.

Unfortunately, I am at the point, where I am going to have to start deciding who to keep and who to sell. It is going to be hard, because even the older ones have very fine (although straight) hair. The older they are, the friendlier they are becoming. I gain their trust when I get their babies on them and grain does the rest. I went out with some as a treat tonight - a great way to tell who is close to delivering, because they hang back, so they won't get bumped, when the stampede starts. That is how I knew that Garnet was going to deliver. A Shetland/Border Leicester cross was hanging back tonight, so she is probably next. Hard to ever be sure, so don't quote me!

If you have not checked out the street fair, the weather is great and so is the music. I have some Native Americans playing Andean flute music across from me. They had their amplifiers blasting at me this morning and were really nice about reorienting them. Made a huge difference for me and my customers. We could hear each other again! I did buy two of their CDs. They will be playing a different one tomorrow.