Busy morning

I had a group out from the TUSD come out to watch Penny shearing. She was late, so they got a tour of the animals and to hold a few of them. Palo Seco and Cinnamon's white eared buck are really tame, so got the most loving. They will be back next Thursday to do Koolaid dyeing and then the following week to drop spindle and finally to knit and felt. Five minutes before they arrived, Sweet had a kid buck. He is big and strong and was already on mom, when I finally made it back out to check on him.

I also had customers that came out and got lucky to arrive in time to see the shearing. Since they were not expecting it, I hope they enjoyed it. We only got 7 animals done today, since Penny was not feeling well. I sent her to bed. Hope she wakes up feeling better in the morning, since there were 32 to be sheared. I might have to get back into shearing myself. They needed to be sheared a month ago, when I scheduled Penny. She was sick and only managed a day then. The sheep are starting to roo (shed their fleeces) and the goats are looking ratty, so I will have to shear them myself, if she can't get them done. Since they will be sheared again in 6 months, I have to keep on a schedule or they won't be ready and then it will get too cold.

Lambing and kidding season is almost over. A Shetland that was in with the Cormo did not get bred, and I do not think that the other two did either. It would have been interesting to see what they came up with.

Going to spin and finish a season of the Medium. It is only average, but does keep my mind occupied!