Challenge for THSG

We were challenged to create something that reflects the southwestern desert (Arizona). I chose to create a yarn that reflects the landscape. The above is one side of a batt that I used for a portion of the yarn.
This is the backside of the batt that was on the carder.The two sides of the batts show all of the colors that I used in different ways to create the final yarn.
A closeup of the yarn while still on the bobbin. I included cowboy boots and hats, beads, bows, and ribbons as well as varying textures to recreate the idea of southwestern themes.
The white coils are the clouds, the oranges and reds are the Birds of Paradise, the beads represent the mines, the hats and boots are for the cowboys, the purples, oranges, and blues are for the gorgeous sunsets.
I ended up with 148 yards and had a blast making it. Don't know, if I will be able to sell it, since it is truly one of a kind and fits in my Hidden Treasure series. You don't really know how much is in it until you start using it.