Freeform spinning

It was busy today between preparing for the workshop that I am giving and carding for a customer/friend, who wants to felt a landscape 2 ft X 8ft. Since she plans to felt it here, I will get to check it out as she designs it.

The garage is almost done, so we are going to use it for the workshop tomorrow, unless it gets too hot. We will have room to spread out and a lot more light than in the studio. I started pulling out fibers and interesting bits to put into yarns. I need to spin more of the yarns myself, since I am now down to a total of one skein left. Someone bought the one I called "romantic." It had pink flowers, bows and beads with "red" kid mohair and white. It was gorgeous and the priciest in the shop. Definitely worth every penny of it. One of my friends told me that it would be twice the price where she lives. Checking around online, I know it is true, but I do like to sell to the locals also.

All of the moms and babies are content. Went out to lock the mom in, so her baby could drink, pop Palo Seco in with Dark Chocolate and then feed Desert his bottle. If it were not so dark out, I would have taken my camera out. All of the recently sheared moms were in the large shed with their kids. No room to walk! Those sheds have been worth every penny that was spent on them.

The Pima county fair spinning competition is about 1 P.M. on Sunday. Come out and visit, if you have time. I plan to help run it and provide fiber for the spinning and prizes.