I read my last blog and had to laugh. All of the goats that I had tried to let out of pens stayed in them voluntarily. I threw them out today, since a new batch will be going in really soon. I have the 4th Ave this weekend and they are all bound to pop just because I am not here. I thought all of the white goats had kidded, but the yearlings are now spreading wide. Sweet will likely deliver in the next two days. Her hair is gorgeous. Tor came over and sheared her udder area, so Marc will be able to get babies on her, if necessary. She looks like twins. She is not acting stressed, so she might be a few days out. Classy looks like twins, while Mini looks like a single.

Marc and I went and put the stuff in my booth this afternoon. I hung a bunch of yarn on racks to weight them down. The wind was really wicked, so we kept the booth closed while we were working. It got too hot, so we left and figured I would get up early in the morning to finish up. Kyle is going to go down with me and then go to class, after he helps me with a few things. If I am screaming in the morning, it will be due to his driving! Marc will walk the fair in the afternoon and then pick me up.

After pricing the last few items that did not have labels on them, I vacuumed the shop and moved things around. I have an order for a pound of batts, so I will work on them tomorrow evening, if I am not too beat. I hope to go to the Fibers Through Time and check out the vendors on Saturday night, assuming no babies are born. Then I am coming home!