Today Kyle turned 19. Saw him to say hello this morning and he was gone to school and his girlfriend to celebrate. I don't rate. Marc is off to watch one of Kristie's doctoral recitals in Indiana. I think Penny and I are too beat to get into trouble. We got a total of 25 goats and sheep done. I still have about 6 goats, the llamas and the alpacas to get sheared.

As we were shearing, I was checking for signs of pregnancy. I only have two ewes left to deliver (the Border Leicester/Shetland Crosses) and 2 white does. At least 5 of the sheep did not get bred this year. Since they are mostly from one line, I am going to have to decide whether it is worth keeping them. $240 and fleeces only worth about $40 before washing, does not justify the expense. I have been selling their fiber as batts, but I really have to spin all of it to break even.

The cutest part of shearing was watching some of the kids trying to drink from their moms, while they were being sheared. I took a few photos with my phone and will try to figure how to send a few to the computer. A couple of goats had poor fleeces due to age, but the bulk were really nice. A few were on the verge of felting. Next year, I will shear myself, if Penny can't make it. The prime time for them was when I had her scheduled in March. A few weeks can really degrade their quality. I will end up using them myself, since they are not attractive enough to sell.

Now I am too beat to do anything else!