I always debate about putting depressing things on my blog. Since I use it as a reminder, I have decided to include this episode. Maybe it will help someone else.

This evening I went out and picked up the grey angora rabbit doe, because she needed to be plucked. It is too hot and her wool is starting to shed. I realized that she was pregnant and thought I would lighten her coat a little. As I started carrying her back to the house, I felt something hit my leg. I looked down and saw a baby rabbit. It did not look like it was ready to be born, so I immediately took the doe back to her hutch. I was hoping that, if there were others, they might make it. I left her alone, since I was making her nervous and went back out an hour later. She had 9 more babies and only two of them were gasping for air. Alas, they did not make it either. Too depressing for words.

I have not figured out what to do with the rabbits. They do not do well with the heat and only once managed to carry a baby to term. I did not plan this breeding, so it should not depress me.

I am still waiting on two Shetland/Border Leicesters to deliver. They are now huge and starting to worry me. They were way too hot today and it cannot be good for them. Their sides have not really sunken in, but they are starting to dig in the ground to make themselves more comfortable. I have resigned myself to just discovering that they have given birth. I keep going out every two hours (except during the middle of the night, since they don't deliver then), but I can't predict what they are going to do. Based on sizes, I would say twins, if not triplets. Time will tell.