Another one down

No photos, since I am too tired and did not take one, but the Shetland ewe that I was waiting on had her baby - an ewe - this morning before I went out. I figured she would, since she was standing in the "birthing" shed. Most of the sheep and a few of the goats have been going to the small shed to deliver. Guess it gets them out of the wind and away from the rest of the sheep.

My Mothers' Day yarn has already sold. Might have to do another, but none will ever be exactly the same. I plan to put more cream into the next one. It was really lovely and definitely silky. It had the best mohair in it.

I am doing a series of yarns using Sweet, the yearling with the best second fleece. A friend in Colorado bought her brother. I will have to see how he held up. It is lovely to spin and nicer than the first haircut on a traditional angora goat. No Size has turned out to be a real winner!