Babies and moms for sale

Habanera's kids are out of No Size and have his hair. The buck is for sell, as well as his mother. They will all be registered with the Colored Angora Goat Association. Habanera is black, so her kids are color carriers.
This is Habanera. She is also for sale. She is three years old and has given birth all by herself each year. I have chosen to keep her doe, so I can see what happens down the line in crossing with No Size.
This is one of the black bucks. Since I have several and can't keep them all, you get to take your pick.
This is a sample of the goats that came out of No Size. This is the Texas doe's buck. This one is pretty friendly, since I had to help him get on mom for his first few drinks.

There are several red yearlings available as well.