Catching up on details

Classy had her kid doe about lunchtime and abandoned it immediately. Kyle helped me corner her and put her in a pen. Kyle named the kid Agave. She is out of a No Size kid and a No Size look-a-like, so she will probably have gorgeous hair. She is half on a bottle now, since her mother does not want to stay still for her. I have found Agave wandering in the wash, out behind the shed, and everywhere, but with her mother. Classy might get with it, now that Onyx is in the shed also. Agave did try to drink off Onyx, but figured out immediately that she was not wanted in that pen. Kristie and her fiance', Abe, gave me flowers for Mothers' Day. I loved the color combination of the flowers themselves, so I gathered up fiber that I had in the shop and studio, so I could create a batt using the same combination.
This is the yarn that I spun yesterday. I spun another one today and coiled it over a cream cotton thread. Might get a photo of that one tomorrow. Lovely color combination. I dyed more of the cranberry using Sweet's last fleece. It is silky and soft and the nicest of the white kid mohair sheared this spring that I have washed. Can't wait to spin that up!
I took a lot of pictures of Kristie and Abe in attempts to get a really good one for their engagement photo. We all liked this one the best. They are doing it in black and white. The colored one that we liked the most was oriented as a landscape and they wanted a portrait style. The first batch of photos had a very intense blue sky and the blossoms on the chollas were really vibrant. The next day, the flowers had already shrivelled up and the sky was white. Someone said that there is a lot of smoke in the air from a local fire. Either way, the sky was dulled out. The black and white photo looks really good. I am tempted to post one of them with goofy faces, there were a lot of those kind of pictures mixed in!