When two of my freeform yarns sold this past week, I got motivated to create a few more. I will post photos tomorrow. I came up with a few new twists. One took an awful long time to make. It has beads looped together. I am on a flower kick, so they reminded me of flowers.

As I was feeding this evening, I noticed that Espresso was shoving a few of the ewes away from the feed bowl. I decided to put a separate feeder out and while out there, check the two ewes that I thought might be pregnant. Based on udder size, they could deliver this week. One looks like a single and the other like twins. Of course, one could just be fat. It would be nice to have ewe lambs, but the ram they were bred to gave me mostly rams. I will take what I can get! Anyhow, I will have to get up earlier this week, since they are first time moms.

I have been procrastinating on paperwork. Guess I will have to get with it tomorrow. It is the one part of the business that I wish I could give away or hire out, but too much of it is in my head, so I am stuck doing it.