Lots of Visitors

I had lots of people drop by today to shop and check out the animals. I did not get a lot of spinning in, but I did have fun meeting new people and getting a different perspective on things. Sold some of my favorite yarns. I know they went to good homes and I have motivation to make more.

Just a note - if you make comments and you would like to hear back from me, could you include your email address. I would have liked to reply to a few and could not, because there was no contact info. It has to do with how the site is set up. If you are a blogger, your info appears; if you are not, I get your name and no way to say thanks!

It got downright chilly this evening. I had to put heavy sweats on to feed the animals. They were all being good, so I was able to do it in record time. Even Holly behaved (dairy goat.) She had lots of milk this evening - none at all yesterday - probably because it was so hot.

I have almost finished the Six Feet Under Series. If anyone has suggestions for TV dramas that have been going on a while, or good mystery movies, available through Netflix, please let me know. My queue will be empty by this weekend!