Onyx had an ewe at 6 this evening. I was amazed that she had only one baby, since she was as big as Pearl and Pearl had triplets. I moved her into a pen in the shed, because she was hanging out way back in the fenced area - a little too close to the wash where I have seen coyotes just sitting - waiting for dinner I am sure. I was so amazed that she had only one, that I even walked the wash area near her just to be sure that a baby had not wandered off.

I milked Holly, went inside to eat dinner and went back out at 9 - just now - and discovered that Onyx had just had a third baby. The last two are rams, which is OK. It explains why she was so huge and ate so much. The last two were really big and they seem to be healthy. Sheep are a lot less work than the angora goats. All of them have had their babies up and on them with no help from me. Sure is nice to just be an observer! Now I just have one sheep to worry about and she is a ways out. You can tell which were the last two born, but you might not want to look too closely!