The weather?

I am not sure, if it was the weather this winter, but the two yearling Shetland ewes, that I moved to the arena now have udders. The Shetlands seem to deliver shortly after the udders appear, so who knows when they will deliver. I had them in with Cormo till December and then moved them in with the Shetland ram, Tarragon. Guess he was busy, because they got pregnant within three weeks. I also have Cumin's yearling ewe and Spots that look like they will be in the next two weeks, so now it is four ewes, instead of the one possible. I kind of expect ram lambs, since that is what I have gotten in the past. Anyhow, this is pretty late. I am glad that I have moved my fall shearing up a month. It is too hot for animals to be delivering.

I have been spinning some pink/slate blue kid mohair. It is turning out too pale and anemic, so it is going to hit the dye pot. I am thinking the slate blue, since it is a popular color and I like it more.

If I feel ambitious later, I will load some photos that I have taken over the last few days. Cool dyes and cool colors!