Animal behavior

One of my favorite things to do is watch and photograph the animals. I have started feeding the animals in two spots by dumping food over the fence just so I can get in the front gate. You would htink that I was starvign them based on the mob scene.They look too plump fo rthat to be the case.
Kat, who has the best black/charcoal colored hair had two silvers bucks this year. They were born black and they are the only two that have gone silver. They have recessive black in their background. I plan to keep at least one of them for breeding. If the other does not sell by mid August, he will be castrated and I will keep him for the color. They are silky and softer than the blacks. Two of the black bucks have red in their lines and are from the Barbara line. They will also be good breeders, because they can produce reds or blacks depending on the doe's color. One of them is Palo Seco. Two of the black bucks are out of the traditional dominant blacks. Their hair is not as soft, but it is really dark.
I caught Holly's buck and one of the little angora goats playing the domination. I am pretty sure that the buck is Absinthe's based on size. They do a little dance around each other.
Then the put their heads against each other and start to shove. Sometimes they wrap horns. In this instance the angora was winning.
Funny how the little ones do not know when to quit!