Flowers and silk worms

One of my friends from Patagonia stopped by on Tuesday and visited a while. She brought her silk worms, so I got a close look at how they begin creating their cocoons. I could see myself trying to raise them, but without mulberry bushes, it would not be a realistic idea.
She uses toilet paper rolls cut up and connected with paper clips to create condos for them. She is going to come back and show me the cocoons and how she uses them. Rather interesting.
Three cell phone/ipod bags.
I had lent the skein of yarn that used for the bag below to a friend to use in making embellishments for something. She returned a portion of the skein this week and I was too lazy to rewind it into a skein, so I decided to crochet up a rectangle to see how it would look. Turned out just the right size for my cell phone, so I am likely to keep it. The above bag inspired me to make two others. I used fiber that I had spun into yarn from crazy carded batts. I ended up with a piece of mohair that was in just the right place to look like a flower. I made the third one, shown in the photo above. If you look at it sideways, you can see a flower with a blue stem. It just showed up, unplanned!