Ghost Riders in the Sky

Finally started the freeform yarn that I mentally designed last week. I am naming it ghost riders in the sky based on colors and elements added.
I crocheted small flowers to add. I spun the yarn and then set the twist before making them. I tried to crochet a flower straight from the bobbin. That was a big mistake!
The buttons that were the original inspiration for the yarn.
In progress.
I decided to try crocheting some flowers using the cotton that I have been using to add embellishment to the yarn. They are really small, but will stand out against the yarn. Definitely will not add too many since it would eat up time. Thought they were cute and could be different.

I am photographing the whole series of textures, including the way I have been adding all of the embellishments. Marc says I should consider self-publishing a book illustrating my way of creating the yarns. I figured I would use this yarn as a beginning. I can already see that I am going to need someone to spend a day photographing my hands as I go!

I bought a new camera today and can't wait for it to arrive. The current one is on its last legs and eating batteries. Too old to get repaired, so I will keep it for back up. The new one looks like it has the same buttons as the current one and a great zoom - essential for good animal photos. Not all of the sheep will let me get close enough for shots of their fiber.