New yarns and lambs

Above is the beginnings of another freeform yarn. I am going to call it on the ranch, since a package of animal buttons triggered the whole scheme. I have already started filling the bobbin: beads, coils and animals so far. It is going to be fun. Might have to do another one, since I really love the color scheme.
This is going to be my next yarn. It is based on the colors of a seashore motif. I already have all of the materials gathered, so I will able to jump right into it.

I spun the yarn for the darker trees on my latest landscape. I hope to needlefelt it on tomorrow and add some rocks along the stream. Then I will probably call it done. I could always keep adding, but I have an idea for another landscape, so this one needs to be finished!

Cacao, a Shetland yearling had a ram lamb yesterday morning. Since she was born brown and I am pretty sure that the ram was also brown, I was not surprised.

I don't have any classes scheduled tomorrow, so I hope someone shows up to keep me company. If not, my On the Ranch skein is going to be finished. I have a fourth of a bobbin already filled. No previews on this one!

Oh, and on another front, I have been asked to do a presentation on Freeform in September for the Old Pueblo Knitters. I have not been in a while, so it will be nice to see familiar faces again.