Not very creative, but...

I managed to spin over 800 yards of a single black with touches of gray Rambouillet. I will post a photo tomorrow and probably list it on etsy. I am starting a second bobbin, since so many people have been asking for lace or fingering weight for huge shawls. It is really hard to keep at it, when so many lovely colors and ideas are beckoning. I have already assembled two batches of cool stuff for novelty yarns and have come up with a third idea for a new type of novelty yarn. Not enough time in the day!

The animals appear to have adjusted to the heat. I finished off the day by going to Barnes and Nobles to meet a few other fiber addicts. I really enjoy hanging out with creative people. It is fun to bounce ideas off others and see what they are doing. I taught Stacy to spin on a drop spindle two weeks ago and she is already a pro. She even figured out how to ply on a spindle all by herself. I refreshed her memory on crocheting, so she could make something with her yarn. She used some for needlefelting and came up with a really cool looking rock/hill/toadstool? Now why did I not think of that?

More Netflix will arrive tomorrow, so spinning will go faster!