Productive day

I got my "Bloom Where You are Planted" skein photographed, so I can load it on etsy tomorrow. Close color scheme to the Childhood memories, but totally different novelties. They could be used together, but I think it would be too much of a good thing.
Holly was picking fiber, while Agave was chair jumping.
I am so excited. This is my finished landscape above.Marc asked for two details to be added to the one below. Doubt you could pick them out, but you can try!
I really love how the whole thing came together.I put the tree on the left and immediately saw what I could do to the other side to make it look right. Then the bottom just came really easily.
A closeup of the detail of the trees and golden eagle. This is my favorite landscape to date. Marc says he really like the Birds in Flight one and that this one is as good. I used coiled yarns and superslub coiled yarns for the trees and some of the bushes. Now I am going to have to redo one of my other landscapes and I now know how I am going to finish one that I was going to embellish with crochet pieces.

I spent the afternoon spinning the "On the Ranch" skein. I will finish that one tomorrow and ply another yarn, before I do the "At the Seashore." Then I really need to get back to my orders and finish at least one!