Spin in, yarns and animals

The spin in this past Saturday was a lot of fun. Good mix of experience, which made for a lot more fun. If you are spinner in the area, come check us out on the first or third Saturday of the month.
The above is my Baker's skein.
I think it looks much better when photographed loosely. This is the picture that is currently on my desktop. The colors are really appealing right now.
The colors of the Baker's skein are reflected in this picture of a saguaro that I took yesterday, as I went out to milk Holly in the morning. If you are not from Arizona, you might not know that the red is not the flower. See a previous entry for what those look like. This is actually a seed pod that has exploded. I am starting to find the seeds and red goo on some of the goats' horns. One of the angoras has dug a hole under the cage that I used to keep one of them in. They have the run of the area with 6 chickens. They are cohabiting very well, since the rabbits are nocturnal and run at night, while the chickens jump on their cage in a separate area and roost. I found the hole big enough that two of them were in it this morning.They dig deeper to get cooler. I figured their summer fleeces are going to be worthless, since they have been under the misters, so I am letting them dig.
This is my favorite tree.The sheep spend the hot afternoons under it. It is also the tree whose branches the kids like to climb around in. Notice the clouds in the background? Hope it means the cooling rains of the monsoon will be here soon.