Spin ins

The spin in group yesterday was a lot of fun and very inspirational. The group has decided that it would be nice to meet more often, so we are going to meet the first and third Saturdays of the month from 10-1. If you are a spinner in Tucson, or just visiting on those dates, feel free to join us. There is room for quite a few of us. We do not know each other really well, so it is not an exclusive group and no one will feel left out. There are beginning drop spindlers, to professional spinners, so lots of ideas are floated around. Of course, the fun is not just in the spinning. We all have very interesting lives and wildly different backgrounds, which makes for a lot of sharing.

In other news, I let No Size continue to run around with all of the does and kids, since he managed to escape again. He is so laid back - he really looks like a teddy bear. He is starting to look heavy, so he needs room to roam. By the end of July, I will be splitting animals back in to pens again.

I also let out the doe that was playing surrogate mom for Palo Seco. He is three months old and she needs more room to roam. She blended back into the herd instantly.

I locked Agave's mother back up, since they do not seem to be connecting and Agave was looking kind of thin. She felt pretty solid when I picked her up, but I just started to worry. Better safe than sorry!

The two ewes in the arena and Spots are still hanging in there. My concern now is that they won't have much milk for their lambs, since it is so hot. They do not seem to be stressing and the afternoon winds are cooling.