Too busy to get in trouble

The above was my stash for the seashore yarn. It turned out gorgeous and, if they were my colors, I would keep it. Since they are not, I listed it on etsy tonight.
The way the pictures load, is not always the way I planned.The above was going to be my first picture. It is of On The Ranch in Autumn. I am really enjoying spinning the novelty yarn.
The above is the finished seashore skein. It is full of lots of fun textures.
This is my stash for the "Baker's Skein". I finished it this evening and it is currently in the wash. I included the buttons for pasta making, baking cookies, five starts for the quality of the cooking and roses to reward the cook for her work.As well as lots of different beads and bows.
I caught a good picture of the moon last night, as I finished feeding the animals. I think it is a full moon.. I don't always look up, since I am usually watching for snakes. My camera was on and I had just captured a few of the goats in action, so I was ready for this one. Kind of neat and will probably inspire some future project.

Since it was a busy shop day, I will have to go back to spinning classic yarns for a while in order to restock. If anyone has ideas on colors that are cool in their parts of the world. Let me know. I used to follow the color forecasts and have realized that what sells are colors that people already have in their closets, or something that appeals to them on that day. So, I now spin what I like to and the yarn usually finds a lovely home.