Too, Too Hot!

All of the animals are hanging out anywhere that water is dripping or at the water buckets.
There is a breeze, so even though Emmy is right under the mister, Brillo is getting her share of the mist.
There are two really old, tall trees out where the goats hang out. They provide shade and Marc has installed a mister between them, so it is a crowded spot at times. Marc also put a mister out in the far out pasture where the Shetlands hang out and another in the pen that No Size was in. Of course, if you don't hang it high enough, the goats think that it is their own personal straw, so they suck on it and chew and create a much nicer flow of water! Can you picture it? No photo of the muddy mess that they are making!
This photo did not look blurred, but now it does. Will post it anyhow. I took it right before the one of the moon in the last post.
Don't look at the head too closely, but thought I would share a photo of the studio and the piles that are accumulating. I have been reading a book on the art of creativity and have decided that, since I am now calling myself an artist, that I am also entitled to leave my studio with piles everywhere, since that is what really inspires the next project. I was asked to provide a studio picture of myself "doing what I do" for the Tucson Pima County Open Studio Tours for their marketing of the event in November. It will be the 8th and 9th of November from 12-5 P.M. I give tours and talk about what I do here on the ranch to create my yarns and finished products. Some times are better attended than others, but it is always fun and draws all sorts of people. Last year I had other artists come in from their own studios to visit. A woodwork, jewelry maker, and a painter stopped in and were amazed at what you can make from animal fiber.