A very hot day

The mourning dove babies are all grown up! Only one was still in the nest with its mother this morning. I checked the other nests. Most were empty and one had new eggs in it. Can't post that photo, because only half of the nest showed up. I realized today that all of the nests must be about 4.5 feet above ground. Exactly at my eye level, so I have to aim the camera from above to get photos of what is in the nest. Anyhow, it causes me to have to retake several photos, since I can't see what I am doing !
Geoffrey really loves to sit in the puddle created by the overflow of the water bucket. The first time I forgot the water on, he went and settled down to cool himself. I left it on deliberately this morning, since I knew that it was going to be hot.
I had to soak this doe at 9 in the morning. She was already frothing at the mouth in the heat.
Cinnamon got a soaking, but she was smart enough to hang out under the misters once I turned them on.
I brought Agave over to the house. I am going to train her to a halter, since she is so friendly. She loved my yarns! She was a good doe and did not nibble! She also ran around the workshop, while Holly and I were out there. She jumped on chairs to other chairs and in general had a blast exploring the place. I plan to bring her back over tomorrow. She will be my ambassador.