I sold off my only red buck last year, so I had to buy a new one. His twin sister was so cute, I got her too. They were born in January and already need haircuts.
I spun up a freeform novelty yarn celebrating school days. When a portion of it did not look right with the rest of the skein, I removed it and then got hooked into knitting it up. I am now spinning another 75 yards to go with what I have, so it will be long enough. I chose to use a size 11 needle. I could have gone with a larger needle, but I wanted to see how much the edges would curve in and out due to the textures. I cast on 22 stitches and am just doing garter stitch. I thought about doing a log pattern design, but decided that I would have to spin even more yarn, since I would be binding off stitches and losing in size.