After the rain, wind, and hail

Marc and I got out to the bridge just in time to see bridge the wash start to run. It had not even gone under the bridge and, by the time I got the camera on, it was in full swing.
Coming from the north and
This is a portion of the roof of my feed shed. The whole roof is going to have to be replaced. Hopefully, the bags kept most of the water out. I am going to have then next delivery made to the workshop. Too expensive to not keep dry.
Emmy and Brillo were on the little island that is formed by the split in the wash that is near the bridge and duck pen. They did not like being on their own, so they walked across it. Emmy is pretty heavy, so she was OK. Brillo waited ten minutes and then decided to cross. She was not happy about it and she looked unstable, but she really wanted to be back with the rest of the heard.

Marc and I walked the fence line and noticed that he is going to have to remove a lot of stuff that came from the north. I also went to see, if I could see the toads. They were really loud, but the reservoir was so full of trash - people kind, and debris, that I could not see anything. Too bad. Found beer cans and bottles as I walked. Guess lots of kids are hanging out drinking and smoking. Found cigarette packages also. Too depressing.
It makes me appreciate my little corner.