The Chicken Coop

This tarantula was on the outside of the chicken coop trying to get in this afternoon. It is the first time that I have seen one out in the daytime. UGLY!
I had to go to the feed store to pick up chicken food this afternoon. The place that I usually order my feed from is closed on Sundays. It was a mistake for Marc not to go, since I found these chicks and decided to round out the number that I have at home to an even dozen. While there, I got to see what Polish crested chicks look like - nothing like their adult form. I thought the chicks were cuter then the older one that I have. My angora rabbits are sharing the chicken coop, so they can have room to run around. This is Parsley and above her head is the tarantula. They get at least one soaking a day to keep them cooled off. The heat is tough on them.
One of my friends brought me these two roosters earlier in the week. The one in front still looks like that. I think he is going to always have bad hair days. They are just small enough that the older ones are pushing them away, so I am feeding them separately.
This is a bird's nest that fell out of a tree last Saturday. The two babies were dead and this egg was cracked. It is made almost entirely out of goose feathers.