A day for animals

Stacy brought me a needlefelted sheep the other day in response to a comment that I made about wanting to use coiled yarns on a sheep to see how it would turn out. It took 3 yards to get her fully wrapped. Stacy is going to add a nose and she is done. Cute? I think she is going to need a name.
This is an angora goat without her fleece.Pretty sad looking. I got her back from Tor this past week. She is one of Saffron's does from last year. Tor told me that she had the best fleece out of the does that he had. Wouldn't know that by looking at her now!
This is the ram that I have chosen to use for breeding with some of my Shetland ewes this year. Now that I am going to use him, I am going to have to look his name up. I tried to forget all of the rams' names until I know whether I am keeping them or not. His horns are beautifully spaced like his fathers'. He is out of Espresso and Hazelnut, a really good combination.
I am feeding Agave grain each day to keep her really friendly. She followed me around while I raked this evening, so I decided that she needed a little extra. This gives new meaning to the expression - eating out of your hand!
The ram on the left is going to be castrated and kept for his fleeces. He is 3/4 Shetland and 1/4 Border Leicester. The ones with that cross last year had the best fleeces. He is one of triplets. I will probably keep all three at least a year, if not longer. They are really small. To his right is the Jacobs ewe lamb. She has four horns, which you can just barely tell.

The XD card for my camera arrived today. I noticed that I can get 30 minutes of video on it! Kind of impressive.I took a minute one tonight, so will have to figure out how to look at it. I can't believe that I can get 800 pictures!