Felting and Moms

As a demo of needlefelting, I laid out this landscape quickly last Saturday. Usually, it then will sit around for ages.
But, I had another felting group on Monday and decided to wet felt the landscape to make the piece more stable. If you compare the two, you can see how much it gets flattened out and how much texture is lost.
I had already planned to add coiled yarn to make the tree and the sheep and angora goats were a natural follow on. I plan to add a few more natural colored angora goats and then quit. It is hard to ever say something is done, since new ideas pop up all of the time.
Agave is on the left. She and her mother hang out together now, but not because her mother is interested!
Dark Chocolate has decided that she is done with feeding her kids. She discovered that one way to have some peace was to stand on the shed. There is not enough room for her kids to get up there and drink safely. I am surprised that she got up there. Usually by the time they are yearlings they no longer are light or nimble enough to get up there.