Hot and Bothered

When I got to Barnes and Nobles tonight to meet with my fiber artist friends, Holly told me that I looked hot and bothered. I told her that she might have looked that way also, if she found one of these hanging outside her door!
I had just finished feeding the animals and heard a noise like running water.I thought Marc might have left the hose running when he left to play tennis, so I started walking to the front of the house. I found Charcoal messing around and then heard a hissing sound like gas coming out of a pipe and discovered this snake peeking around the corner of the studio. I got Charcoal inside and grabbed my camera.
I am glad that the camera has a really good zoom - I was 15-20 feet away when I took this picture. I am also glad that it has a stabilization feature! My hands were shaking just enough that I could not get an unblurred picture without it. I have one photo where you can see the rattlesnake's tongue out. I guess Charcoal must have really made him mad.

It just crossed my mind to wonder, if there is a way to look at a snake - from a distance, of course - and determine, if the snake is male or female.

I did manage to get some of my freeform vest sewn together, while Stacy needlefelted another sheep for me to coil, and Holly settled on a design for her new cowl pattern.