We were blessed with a glorious sunset tonight. We did not get rain because I went down and bought a tarp to cover the feed shed. Seems that prevention works both ways. Marc and I spent the day tidying up after the storm. Lots of trees branches were down, as well as one of our really tall arena lights. We are planning to replace it with one that is a more normal sized height. The expense of replacing the current one is too expensive considering that we rarely even us it. The tarp looks tacky, but it will do the job. The feed was not ruined, but it is so humid in the shed that the the pellets expanded to three times their normal size. Guess that is why the goats inhale it and then sit around content all day.
Brillo was not looking too happy (notice the ears going straight back.) She was ready for dinner and considered that I was late, since she was out of food.