These were the last two Shetlands born. Since they are in the arena, they are not with the rest of the lambs. This picture shows them in the wash - they had wandered away from their moms and were trying to get into the area with the rest of the lambs.
I am testing the close up function of my new camera. I can't get near these two, so I am impressed by the zoom capability. I managed to scare them back into the arena with their moms. And then found them out again, nosing up to Agave (in the picture below.)

These are the locks on one of the yearling does. I was too far to read the ear tag to be sure of who she is, but the camera did a great job of picking out the details of her fleece. Hers is about 2.5 inches long now. The humidity is giving all of the goats gorgeous ringlets.