Cleaning and Packing

I am preparing for a presentation that I am giving to the Old Pueblo Knitters' Guild and decided that I better make a few more samples for show and tell. I realized that I had sold enough that what I had left looked kind of pitiful. My first inclination was to make several small scrumbles. I knitted the above piece in garter stitch and was just going to embellish it and then make a few others. Well. I got hooked on the colors, so I went back to the spinning wheel and started spinning more yarn.
Then I pulled out a few beads (some will not make it in to the final project, because I have to stop somewhere!)
As I spun, I took breaks to knit and crochet and I almost have a scarf finished. Guess I will work on another during my trip to Colorado.

Tomorrow I will be packing up my shop and loading the truck for my trip. I have kind of settled in my mind what is most important and will load that first. When I am traveling so far to do shows, I can't afford to forget the essentials. Some things, you just can't buy!

I will spend Wednesday night with my sister's friend in Albuquerque, Thursday with my Dad and then Friday and Saturday with friends in Longmont. the first show is in Loveland, so it won't be quite so much of a drive. They are going to help me with set up and maybe booth sit a little.

I am looking at the whole thing as advertisement. I have had lots of customers from Colorado, so I know they like to come to Tucson on vacation. Either way, it will be different scenery and inspiration. I have never come home from a trip on which I did not get a few new ideas. Probably all that time driving alone and having to listen to my own thoughts!

When I planned this trip, one of my sisters was supposed to have ridden with me. I invited another sister to meet us there. It has now grown into a mini family reunion, since their kids are coming and I have a brother living there. I wonder what my Dad's new wife is going to think of all of us descending on her like this?