A day for bunnies

Last night I was carding white, "red", and kid mohair dyed yellow and decided to throw a few other colors on top to see what would happen. The result was 28 ounces of carded fiber that has burgundy, purple, gold, green, and browns in it. Gorgeous. I am afraid to start spinning it, since I don't have a real plan. While thinking about it, I opened the refrigerator and pulled out some angora to card into a shade of blue. I started thinking about how hot the rabbits were and decided to get one to pluck.
I actually cut the wool off this doe, because it had started to felt on her. We have been hosing the rabbits down to keep them cool. She looks a whole lot smaller. I actually did her after the one on the chair featured in the picture below. The rabbits are pretty docile. You pop them on a chair and they basically stay put. Doing the undersides is trickier, because you have to flip them on their backs. Since it took a while to get the upper part done, I decided to let the belly area go.
For all of the time I spent, I only got 1 ounce off the buck.
I got 1.4 from the doe. Hers is a whole lot nicer feeling than his. They are brother and sister. I might card the two together with some kid mohair in order to have enough to really make something. One is more towards a shade of brown, while the doe's is silver. She is a black German giant/Satin cross. The silver will actually look rather blue depending on the color that I mix it with. I might just go with white. By morning I will be inspired - I hope!