Spinning away

These are a few of the yarns that I have spun over the past week. I am gluing myself to my wheel in hopes of having a great variety of yarn available. Last week was dedicated to white kid mohair(some of which I just listed on etsy), and red kid mohair, Can't let a week go by without coils, so I have a few of those in there also. I spun over 650 of laceweight/fingering weight black kid mohair from my badger doe's first clip. I am going to finish spinning her whole fleece. I have a second bobbin going now, but it is a paler shade of charcoal, since I blended all of the rest of her fleece together. It was a mix of gray and black. Her current fleece is silver and still fairly fine.
Agave and her mother met me at the gate this morning. I saw Agave drinking off her mother, so she must be getting something there.

In case you have never seen this, it is a spitting contest. Brillo, the llama, is winning. Most spitting occurs at feed time, when someone cuts the line. Brillo is alpha and gets first dibs. Jennifer is pretty low on the list and she dared to put her head in the feed bucket. She knows the spit is coming. Notice how far back Brillo's ears are. If you visit and see it, back up!

Marc and I trimmed hooves on several of the goats today. I have sold two that are going to be picked up tomorrow and I always like to check to be sure everything is OK. 7-9 is a buck, so we checked for pizzle rot. Lots of wet damp hair got cut off, but all else was fine. If you do not know what pizzle rot is, write me and I will fill you in.

If you have to trim hooves, the easiest time to do it is when it is wet outside. It softens the hooves and makes them a lot easier to cut. I still manged to get a blister. No Size was pretty mellow when we did his. He did not even bother to kick. We did not have to stand on his horns either. If you visit and notice that his pen has a funny sweet, smell about it, what you are noticing is that he is now in rut. The females have started to cycle into heat. I put Holly and Saffron in with him, so he won't try to take down the walls. Those two goats are more aggressive than the rest, so it saves on pens to have them go in first. Holly needs to be among the first to deliver since she is a dairy goat and will feed babies whose mothers aren't succeeding on their own.