Freeform and weaving

The freeform bag I began last week is almost finished. A friend stopped in today and suggested that I use the brass buttons I had for embellishment. As soon as she did, I figured out how I was going to finish it.
This is the second side. It needs more work and a few extra pieces along the top.
I had started winding a warp for bags and possible scarves, so a Coldplay and two Josh Turner CDs later, I had the warp tied on at the bag and pulled through the heddles and half of the reed. Will finish up in the morning. I decided to go with a more interesting tie-up than the plain weave, since I put 12 yards on. I figured I would weave bags that can be embellished with freeform, if the weft is not as nice as I expect it to be.

I have washed and dyed yarn that I am going to put on a loom that I moved to the workshop (garage!) I am going to make the Lindsay Tartan. I am trying to duplicate the colors from a book that I saw years ago. The online colors seem close enough, but I think I am going to end up taking liberty with them, since I have come up with a combination that I really like. Will post photos of that tomorrow. I have a 12 yard cotton warp on that loom from the previous owner, which I am going to cut off. After 2 1/2 years, I can tell I am never going to use it, because I prefer handspun and a more interesting design!