If you are following along

This is the third entry that I am making today, so you might want to go back a few posts, if you are keeping track of all of it. The website for blogger seems to be bogged down at my usual time, so I am shifting to a mid afternoon entry.

Above is a portion of the roving that I got in yesterday from Ashland Bay. I carry it for needlefelters and beginning spinners. I also blend it in with my mohair to create colors when I don't have enough time to dye the fibers myself. Speeds the process up and helps keep my process down. One bag is already gone.

The goats really need haircuts soon.They are catching their hair in their teeth on a regular basis. It has become part of my routine to go out and look for goats with their heads stuck to their chests and with horns stuck in a fence. They have not figured out yet, that their horns go in where they cannot come out. The goats have beautiful locks. I will have a workshop full next month! This is my best shot of the rooster with the bad hair day. Anyone know what kind it is?
I had a customer come in looking for yarn. People usually are drawn to the colors that they are wearing that day. She was specifically looking for a skein to match her shirt. And she found one! It is a lovely shade of pale red and blue mohair with Shetland wool.