Tucson is waking up

The summer months are slow in Tucson. Everyone hangs inside with the air running. I am not really an exception. If I did not have the animals to worry about, I would not be outside much myself.
The ladies above are from the Tucson Knitters' Guild, also known as the Old Pueblo Knitters. I gave a presentation there yesterday on freeform knit and crochet. I was excited to see the interest that they displayed. The feedback at the end of the presentation was really positive, which justified all the time that I spent organizing my thoughts and preparing the slides. I learned how to make a power point presentation and I had the president of the guilds' daughter (on the left in the top photo) to thank for it all going well. I get by with the computer, but operator headspace crops up occasionally. Ask me, if you want to know that whole story.

My friend, Holly, helped me assemble two Pioneers yesterday. Here is our combined review:
It is not a pretty or sophisticated looking wheel, but it has the same footman as the Rose and operates just as smoothly as the Rose does. For the price, it is an awesome wheel. I attached the wild flyer and made sure that it would really work with it. Majacraft at one point used to say that the jumbo flyer worked on all of its wheels. It does not work on the Little Gem, so I wanted to be sure. With the addition of the wild flyer, you can do most anything with the Pioneer. Holly has a Lendrum and says the foot action on this wheel is better and with the wild flyer option, is one that she is going to consider as a second wheel. Since the wheel has not been finished, it lends itself to decorating. If I keep one as a rental, I am thinking of hiring someone to paint a few animals on it.