I have a pile of yarns sitting on my table to be priced and hung in the shop. I might list a few on etsy. I had a friend come over today to help me with the design of flyers for the wool festival. I could not believe how quickly the time passed! Anyhow, she noticed how slow my computer was, so she set it to defragment.Marc said he thought he had it on a scheduled thing, but based on how long it took, I kind of doubt it. Anyhow, I noticed how pretty the colors looked piled upon each other. Wish I had more time to knit. These would be gone mighty quickly. I love spinning the coiled yarn. Iffy colors and fibers turn out so richly.

Animals caught their heads in fences again. Can't wait for them to be sheared. Talked to Danny, the shearer's wife, and we are still on schedule for October 25th. She is also a spinner and will be bringing fiber from her animals to sell - add Merino and Romney as well as crosses to your spinning fibers. Need to try out a little of everything, if you want to talk knowledgeably about wool! She spins laceweight and will have some interesting novelty yarns. She can't access the internet to upload pictures, so I will scan hers in when they arrive.