Raffle Freeform Shawl Colors

The above is a mix of the colors that we have been dyeing for the freeform shawl that we are going to raffle off for the Tu Nidito Children and Family Services. Since we have a time constraint and we want to have yarns for the community to be able to use in order to contribute, as well as warp a loom, we have started spinning the warp.
This is a portion of the spinning group that was here this past Saturday. A few could not make it, but will be here for the festval.
We took the colors above and carded some of each of the dyelots into one batt.
This is the resulting batt.
Some of the finished yarns. The coiled one in the middle is from the batt above. Oranges, purples, and more green will be added to the mix. We have not settled on a name yet. The fiber is a "next to the skin" Shetland wool.