Scenes from the wool festival

These pictures were taken right before the festival began. Above is Holly beginning to weave the freeform shawl. She is used to a rigid heddle, but did not let it slow her down.
Some of Amy's Carded rovings. She has the blood orange red on the website page.

Anna designed some aprons for the wool festival that featured needlefelting.
Heidi (left) crocheted and knitted for the freeform shawl and began its assembly. Sara was showing her some of the stuffed animals that she makes and sells on etsy. The shearer, Danny Smith, also spins and does woodworking.
Alan, a member of the Saturday spin group, demonstrated carding and let others try a hand at it. He left behind some lovely batts. Hopefully he remembered to take some for himself.
Here Heidi is working on the freeform shawl. I finished weaving the second half and started making more pieces. Two friends showed up and worked on it a few hours with me. Helen has claimed it and will pick it up on November 22, 2008, when she comes with her husband for a private animal tour and they will both learn to spin. I have seen a few husband and wife teams recently. One ends up spinning for the other. Now I know that Marc is not going to take it up! Certainly not as long as he can play tennis!
Leonor's necklaces with felted balls are absolutely stunning.
Judith Segal demonstrated triangle loom weaving (it was behind her to the right) and rectangle loom weaving.
Susan Corl from Patagonia is a dabbler like me. She had felted flowers, paper products, scented candles, and really cool animal pins decorated with beads. I would get one, but bugs freak me out! She also has a very modern tapestry loom.