Still Patagonia

I almost wrote last night that I was not going to do the Patagonia show again, because yesterday was deadly dull. Had to change my mind today. Sales were really good and I met lots of interesting new people. It did not seem worth the effort yesterday, since I mostly saw people I had seen before. I like to get new people hooked on spinning or knitting. My friends are starting to call me an enabler. I really think I am giving them inspiration and something to look forward to. I don't feel very guilty about it either.

Yesterday I taught a 10 year old girl to drop spindle. She came back today with two friends. I let her teach them. It was neat to see that she had remembered what I taught. I did not push her mom into buying her a drop spindle. I would not be surprised, if the girl goes into something artistic some day soon. She was spinning within moments of holding the drop spindle.

Tomorrow is another day, and more spinning fun to be had!