Tucson wool preparations

Several vendors arrived to set up their booths on Friday afternoon. Tomorrow I will post pictures of the driveway after all of the vendors arrived on Saturday. The excitement was tangible. The exchange of information between breeders and shop owners once a year makes for great friendships. I found it hard to believe that a year had gone by since the last festival.
Virginia Johns, a beginning weaver, warped the loom for the freeform shawl and began weaving, so it was ready for people to play around with on Saturday morning.
Susan Corl, a friend from Patagonia, showed up on Friday and spent the night. She was showing me this really interesting loom that she picked up in a tapestry weaving workshop in northern Arizona. Her enthusiasm is very contagious. She is a true friend, because she helped me finish raking the walkways of the animal area, when Marc took off for tennis. It is not a chore for the faint of heart!