Animal Curiosities

I brought the bunnies over to the workshop to pluck with a friend and decided to keep two of them over here for a while. They love to sit in the corn cobs. Cadbury (the male on the right) is pretty tame. I put them together to breed on Saturday and am writing this to keep track of the dates. Parsley, my French angora rabbit is still over with the chickens in a pen. She has teats. I suspect that she has already had the babies and something happened to them. She has never had babies before and she is 4 years old, so I don't think that she is still pregnant. I could always be wrong, so I put her in a cage for a while.
Helen and her husband came on Saturday to learn how to drop spindle and to pick up the shawl that she won from the raffle at the Tucson Wool Festival. I was relieved to discover that she was not tall or big - we ran out of yarn, so I had to call it quits! They are her colors and she promises that she will wear it. It looks good on her.

This Jacob ram is turning out to be as destructive as his father. If he were not so stunning, he would be gone. He does the prancing that the llamas do, when he sees me coming with dinner. Too funny. Wish I could catch him in mid air. Once I get close enough for a photo, he usually quits. Digital cameras have too much of a lag time.
Hazelnut and Poppy are the tamest of the Shetland ewes in the arena. They are hungry enough when I come out that they meet me at the gate. They have lovely fleeces.
The red, orange, and black shawl is 3/4 of the way done. It is spectacular. I had to spin another skein and I will be back on it again tomorrow.