Current projects

I designed this hat during the crochet tune up class last Friday. I wrote the pattern and decided to create a scarf to go with it. Since I ran out of yarn, I sewed the ends together to make a mock moebius. Not even 24 inches of yarn left! I will be writing out the pattern and selling it and the finished items on etsy. They are great beginner projects.
I have almost finished the red, orange, and black shawl. Hope to get it done before Saturday. In the meantime, I have started spinning for another shawl, that I hope to have started, if not finished by the 4th Avenue Street Fair. I have to have something that shows how the yarn can be worked up. I am using all natural colors of wool, mohair and llamas. I plan to name it for something southwestern, since the motifs follow that theme. I might call it something to do with Kokopelli, since one of the buttons is a black one. I will sleep on it.
Parley could be pregnant, since her teats are larger and her attitude is nastier. What I have read online says that the milk comes in after delivery. I think that might not always be the case.