New projects

The above is the batch of stash that I grabbed for a new freeform yarn. I have already spun the main skein skein and have started on a skein to complement it. The gray mohair is the Badger Doe's first fleece. It i really soft and gave me some gorgeous shades with the black and copper. This is the freeform shawl that I started two weeks ago. I now have an incentive to finish it quickly. Someone bought it today and trusted me enough to give me a deposit for it. I was so excited that I worked three hours on it this evening. I still have the raffle shawl to finish, so I will be splitting my time between them and spinning. Have to restock my pegs to stay within my comfort zone.

The Freeform group met this afternoon. The group is growing and getting more adventuresome. I heard that Prudence Mapstone is going to be in Phoenix in January. She is giving a one day class on Freeform. Anyone who is interested, should check it out.

The Open Studio Tours is this weekend, so I will sit in the workshop AKA garage and knit. A few friends are going to come and keep me company. It is always more fun to have others to hang out with me.